Human Perspective

What are the personal experiences that build successful professionals? Angles is a column that dives deep into the diversity industry’s thought-leaders, their background and the people who have impacted their personal and professional lives. From the people who have inspired their goals, to what books they read, to the types of continuing education they pursue– “” gives readers a different perspective.

Alexandra M. Greene is a strategist, mobilizer and policy advisor, with more than 15 years of effective management and executive leadership experience. She has turned her experience, expertise and wit into a new enterprise, AMG Strategies, a social impact firm which provides clients with support in community engagement, corporate social responsibility, government relations and thought leadership.

In July 2019, it was announced that after years of working in public service Lourdes Zapata, who for almost two years served as New York State’s Chief Diversity Officer, was leaving the Governor’s office. Following the departure of Alphonso David, who served as Counsel and a close advisor to Governor Cuomo, shifts throughout New York State’s key leadership positions were expected, leading us to think, what’s next for Lourdes?