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The demand for solutions-based and practical diversity programs to increase diversity success metrics is at the top of our nation’s business and human resources agendas. This is especially true in the high risk and reward real estate, building and infrastructure sectors.

Deep Industry Knowledge, Major Program Experience
Three consultants, Tanya Pope, Renee Sacks and Francisco Pineda, comprise Diversity Agenda’s Consulting Collaborative (Diversity Agenda: PSP) and offer an integrated approach to assist organizations in evaluating their current diversity benchmarks, potential and needs and then work in tandem with them to develop the right programs, approaches and policies to achieve success. Through our collective and collaborative experience, we have demonstrated success in our many engagements.

While our clients have similar goals – to create robust, successful and results-oriented diversity programs – each organization is significantly different. Our broad array of services provide us with the ability to design tailored and customized diversity advisory and programmatic services to your organization, whether you are a corporation, builder/developer, non-profit, government agency or private sector firm.


Diversity Agenda PSP specializes in addressing strategic Supplier Diversity mandates associated with major construction and infrastructure projects.

We support large private and public sector organizations in designing best-in-class construction supply-chain solutions around their Supplier Diversity goals across their capital projects portfolios and project delivery value chains.


With over 75 years of collective experience in Supplier Diversity and related diversity programs in the real estate, development, construction and infrastructure industries, our team has been at the forefront of delivering diverse solutions in both the private and public sectors. Our clients and assignments span almost every aspect of the land and building markets: real estate acquisition, development and finance, design, engineering and construction and infrastructure, with a special focus on megaprojects and complex infrastructure installations.

Our Team brings diverse experiences and expertise to each of our assignments, enabling us to achieve and exceed clients’ goals while at the same time bringing success to the communities, small business owners and stakeholders who will benefit from a project.


Diversity Agenda: A Consulting Collaboratives Team

We provide comprehensive design, development and implementation services for diversity assignments. Our services include a variety of development and programmatic services for projects, companies and strategic programs in areas including community relations, small business capacity development, Supplier Diversity and vendor management.


We Understand Our Clients’ Business and Diversity Goals

Our team brings a robust understanding of the industries we serve and blends solutions that make sense for our client’s bottom line.


At the core of our Team’s services is the design and development of effective diversity programs that consider all of the stakeholders, and how a diversity program will be built to achieve increased metrics and economic and social success for everyone. This is especially important in ensuring that MWBE and diversity requirements are met on large, complex development and construction programs. In addition, for initiatives that are part of larger, more public inter-facing projects, Project Management Offices provide the ability to better document, track and evaluate MWBE program success and program risk.

Part of our proposed scope is to serve as essential strategy, design, planning and structuring partners for a world-class MWBE procurement and governance program. Our Team facilitates joint development of norms, standard operating procedures and align the monitoring, reporting metrics and evaluation frameworks that map to local construction and stakeholder requirements.


Diversity success is a top-down phenomenon. Our leadership commitment and accountability consulting services provide the nation’s top Presidents, CEOs and Executive Directors with the advisory and consulting services they need to develop, maintain and deliver on their diversity programs.

Your Supplier Diversity program can proactively encourage the use of certified minority, women and small business firms to meet your project goals and create teams that use their diverse perspectives and skills to deliver creative building solutions. With decades of combined experience in Supplier Diversity, we are prepared to create and implement your next program. These services will support consulting around your supplier selection, procurement, policy enforcement and strategies to gain adoption from your internal team members.


Inspiring a shift in jobsite culture can be harder than it seems. It takes a strategically created plan and buy-in from your current team to make a real shift in your firm’s mindset and culture. Our team have utilized their experience to deliver real-time plans for private and public sector organizations.

Attitudes, language and cultural predispositions all affect our interpersonal relationships. Attitudinal and unconscious bias training have been implemented in companies, large and small, across the globe. Our experts will create a tailored program that examines how attitudinal and unconscious bias may be impacting your company, culture and talent pool and how new change management training may be integrated into your diversity program.


Our team of marketing, outreach, public relations, creative and digital professionals can create your next community outreach plan from start to finish. We have the experience and industry knowledge to connect with communities in your geographic areas as well as across the country.

Community and public relations require strategic communications programs that are flexible and responsive to ensure that when challenges arise, there are immediate and proactive responses to questions and issues. Our Team provides these advisory services to your in-house team to maintain and preserve corporate image and reputation.